Radiochemistry Munich (RCM) is a 'Zentrale Technisch-Wissenschaftliche Betriebs­einheit' of the Technical University Munich (TUM) according to art. 19 para. 5 of the 'Bayerischen Hochschulgesetzes (BayHSchG)' and is directly responsible to the university administration. It was founded on 1 January 2011.


Amongst others, RCM has the following duties and responisbilities:

  • Performance of practical research and development projects (R&D).
  • TUM-internal und TUM-external radiochemical services.
  • Mentoring of diploma and PhD students as well as conduction of practical courses.
  • Performance of sovereign tasks, entrusted to the TUM by the Free State of Bavaria or the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Operation of the RCM radiation protection areas and maintenance of the existing licenses for handling radioactive substances including the necessary premises protection and assuring the administrative radiation protection.
  • Storage of radioactive substances.
  • Gathering, treatment and discharge of radioactive wastewater.
  • Facility Management for the RCM premises and facilities in co-operation with the 'Technischen Betrieb Garching (TBG)'.


The Radiochemistry Munich (RCM) is lead  by a responsible business manager and the chairholder of Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry (PRC).